Styling or art-directing a shoot is one of my favourite creative tasks.

My aesthetic leans towards minimalist with a dash of quirk but I love over-the-top Grace Coddingtonesque looks too. I’m also interested in recreating vintage style and have a detailed knowledge of European fashion from the 16th century onwards.

Beyond styling, I can source clothes, accessories and props in a cost-effective way and art direct. I’ve worked extensively with top model agencies, photographers and hair/make-up artists and can put together a fantastic team for you.

Below are some of my favourite shoots.


KT_125_TimPeake.FINAL copyUPDATED.jpg





Shot 6_697

Credits from top:
Photography Dave Chaudry & Phil Sowels, shoot direction & styling Rosee Woodland
Photography The Knitter, shoot direction Sarah Clark, styling Rosee Woodland
Photography Knit Today, concept & art direction Rosee Woodland, design Annelise Brant/ Clare Watkins
Photography Philip Sowels, shoot direction Sarah Clark, styling Rosee Woodland
Photography Jesse Wild, concept Rosee Woodland, shoot direction Jude Curle/ Rosee Woodland, styling Kimberley Watson/ Rosee Woodland
Photography Philip Sowels, shoot direction & styling Annelise Brant/ Rosee Woodland

Photography, shoot direction & styling Rosee Woodland
Photography Paul Buller, shoot direction & styling Charlene Lim/ Rosee Woodland