Tech editing

Experience is probably my most valuable asset – after almost a decade as a tech editor I’ve seen just about everything!

My most recent major project was Anna Maltz’ new book, Marlisle: A New Direction in Knitting, which came out in February 2018.

I like to take a collaborative, long-term approach to tech editing. As well as tackling the knitting or crochet pattern in question, my aim is always to help the designer I am working with improve their overall pattern writing skills and accuracy – if they need to! And of course, there is always something we can learn from each other.

To help me thoroughly assess every part of a pattern I use tailored spreadsheets, intelligent charting software and detailed industry sizing and grading standards.

I offer the following services:

      • Technical editing
      • Grading, either to CYC standards or your own custom set
      • Pattern writing from single size spec or illustrative sketch
      • Vintage pattern re-writes, grading and technical editing
      • Pattern layout (InDesign, Illustrator)
      • Image editing (Photoshop)
      • Charts (Illustrator, Stitchmastery)
      • Schematics (Illustrator, Inkscape)
      • Proofing
      • House style creation or reformat

My regular clients include Mez Crafts, Knit Now magazine, The Knitter magazine and Simply Knitting magazine, plus a number of other yarn companies and independent designers.

I have tech edited patterns for (among others):
Anniken Allis, Jennie Atkinson, Barb Brown, Sian Brown, Amanda Crawford, Susan Crawford, Kaffe Fassett, Carol Feller, Katya Frankel, Judy Furlong, Todd Gocken, Sarah Hatton, Sachiyo Ishii, Sasha Kagan, Brandon Mably, Grace Melville, Annie Modesitt, Kyoko Nakayoshi, Eline Oftedal, Hitomi Shida, Jane Sowerby, Martin Storey, Vibe Ulrik and Karie Westermann.

If you would like a quote or just need some advice about how to proceed with your patterns do drop me a line.

My current rate for tech editing is £30 an hour. I am happy to provide an estimate for your pattern and to discuss fixed fees for larger projects.